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Diffusion, Text-to-image, Text-to-video and Model Finetuning
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Open-source acceleration

We use open AI tools to enhance artist and production workflows.

This site was made by
From the Root to showcase some pretty cool stuff and to help out the fellow latent explorers.

We believe in open-source, all of the code we run is completely free to use and we have provided guides so that anyone can run these tools themselves.
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Some examples of images made with Stable Diffusion
An Alchemist LabScenic dystopian neon data center environmentCyberpunkPlanet WindowValley LandscapeWood ZombieIncaDeco Double DoorA painting of London in the 1920s

Data Submission

Whilst we work on the backend of our new site, we ask that you use this module to submit any data. We are currently using Airtable for data management. Once a model has been trained, all training data is automatically deleted.
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